Ah yes... the obligatory links page. Every site, it seems, has to have them. I'll bow down to peer pressure on this one despite the fact that almost every article in our archives has a relevant link but there are some places that I just like to go that aren't related to anything I've written about. So here goes:

Something Weird Video - Sleaze, smut, & good clean fun!
Cool Stuff Videos - TV shows, Asian cinema, and cartoons
Tapes of Terror - Looking for rare movies? Check here!
Trash Palace - Super rare stuff; videos, CDs, toys, etc.
Witching Hour Video - More of that arcane video anarchy!
European Trash Video - Just like the name says!
Xploited Cinema - Your source for European cult cinema rarities.
Kyonsi Online - Hopping vampire flicks? Right here!
Midnight Video - High quality stuff
Adrena Film - Great source for Asian Vids/VCDs/DVDs
Fantoma Films - Bringing obscurities to light!
Mondo Macabro - The wild side of video
Pimpadelic Wonderland - Digging deep for obscurities
Cult Epics - Releasing classic cult flix
Thai Net City - Movies, Karoke, Music, and Much More!
Bubonic Films - Infectiously Fun
Kabayan Central - Scads of Philipino Films
OtherCinemaDVD - Terrific experimental/outsider cinema
Blue Underground - Guilty pleasures for the adventurous movie fans
Synapse Films - Digitally remastered films in the Horror and Science Fiction genre
All Day Entertainment - Ugly site, pretty movies
Milestone Films - Revamping rarities
Diabolik DVD - Amazing selection of pre-record Cult Items from around the world.
Tape Trading Inferno - Snuh McSnort's Twisted World of Obscurities
Unearthed Films - Extreme cinema.
SuperHappyFun - Can't recommend 'em enough
Subterranean Cinema - As fartsy as they are artsy
BijouFlix - Amazing variety and top quality
CustomFlix - CustomFlix On-Demand DVD Publishing is the new way to make and sell DVDs & tapes.
Kurotokagi Gumi - Great source for subtitled Japanese classics and contemporaries.
Just 4 The Hell Of It - An amazing source for videos
Dark Sky Films - Horror, cult, rare noirs
B-Videos 101 - Great rare junk that'll keep you entertained!
DVD Beaver - No, it's not dirty. A great review/release site.
Abko Films - Will Jodorowsky finally hit DVD (legit) in the USA?
Wild East - Amazing re-issues of classic Spaghetti Westerns
Cinema de Bizarre - The ultimate source for the collector of rare films.
Gravedigger Video - They won't stay dead!
Severin Films - The Criterion of smut
Yammering Magpie - Pushing the Public Domain limits...
Not Available on DVD - Just like the title says

Shock Cinema - A great magazine... a slow web page... it's worth it!
Video Watchdog - A classic...for good reason!
ScaredyCat Stalker - Krista Garcia's obsessions and observations
BadAzz Mofo - Look out whitey! This zine's gonna git yo momma!
OffScreen.com - A terrific E-zine from the Great White North
Roctober - The classic music/entertaiment mag out if Illinois
Back Wash - The finer things in life
3 A.M. Magazine - Post-midnight weirdness and fun!
Curent Magazine - Dig what's going down in Tree Town
Ezine Directory - More ezines than you can shake a stick at
Hitch Magazine - The Journal of Pop Culture Absurdity
Joe Bob Briggs - The only film critic I respect
Trash Times - Un zine inclassable couvrant aussi bien la série B
Teleport City - This site has everything!
Cahier du Cinema - Some obscure foreign mag... never heard of 'em
Jump Cut - The classic radical film mag now burns up the net
Weird World of the '70s - You said it!
Senses of Cinema - Less Artsy, More Fartsy
Gearld Peary - film reviews, interviews, essays, and sundry miscellany
Psychotronic Video - The original psychotronic mag!
Film Festival Reporter - The scoop on fests around the USA
Metaphilm - A phreaking phantastic site
Bad Movie Planet - Featuring the Unknown Movies site!
Don't Come Knockin' - …If the custom van's a'rockin'!
MJ Simpson - Great interviews/reviews
Exploitaion Retrospective - The Journal of Junk Culture and Fringe Media
NeuFutur - Good stuff
Cinema Sewer - Makes me feel dirty all over... i like it.
Like Anna Karina's Sweater - Great film review site
Eclectic Screening Room - Great film zine from Toronto.
Cinema Strikes Back - Covering the World of Film
TwitchFilm - Spreading the News On Strange Little Films From Around the World.
Lam Ching Ying - Fan site for the bushy-eyebrowed actor.
Cinefile Video - Terrific video store and great group of guys

MicroCineFest - Film Fest Attacks Crabtown!
C.U.F.F. - The Underground Film Fest I'm not banned from!
East Lansing Film Festival - Haute Couture comes to Michigan's Heartland!
Ann Arbor Film Fest - We mean film dammit!
N.Y.U.F.F. - Ed say's I'm no longer banned!
Ultra 8 - What to do in Toronto...
Fantasia Film Festival - Asian film puts a kung fu grip on Montreal

Detroit Film Theater - Like a broken watch, it's right twice a year!
Microcinema.com - Small movies, big ideas
Evan Mather Movies - Home of Disco Lando!
Lethal Force - Official site for Alvin Ecarma's new flick
Detroit Filmmaker's Coalition - Check out "The Scene" in Motown
Planet Krulik - Homeworld of D.C. Documentary Filmmaker Jeff Krulik
.45 Calibur Samurai - A tribute to madcap director Suzuki Seijun!
Nikkatsu Action Lounge - Well-researched and totally out of this world!
Kino Eye - The gateway to Eastern European flicks
Trash Compactor - A fantastic launching pad for oddness
AbsoluteFilms.net - Home of the Timothy Carey Archives
Crime Wave - An amazing shrine to Canadian auteur John Paizs
Infliction Films - Inflicting their films on the world...!
Project X / Brit Pics - Great distributors from the Great White North
Greydon Clark - The autuer's website!
Greydon Clark - Official Website of the man that gave the world BLACK SHAMPOO

Lisa Petrucci - Pretty pictures, pretty website, tres chic!
Mitch O'Connell - Wacked-out and lovely
Obeygiant - 7'4", 520 lbs. of fun!
Cheesy Graphics - The art of King Velveeda
Superbad - An experiment in webby weirdness, I love it!
Mark Ryden - Bees, Dead Presidents, Meat, and More!
Justice Howard - Art Hurts
Ayla Z - Outsider art from a terrific outsider...
Popaganda - The art of Ron English

The Billy Nayer Show - Is it art? Music? Film? Fun!
They Might Be Giants - Always great
Fearless Records - Has nothing to do with those stupid "No Fear" stickers
Smells Like Records - Whew, I wondered what that smell was!
Deep Elm Records - Records for the working class
Lookout! Records - Nice looking site and great bands to boot!
Dischord Records - Punx Not Dead!
Uncle Leon - Sweet tunes from a sweet dude.

Creation Books - Some of the coolest, sexiest books on the planet!
Garrett County Press - The source for nearly banned books!
TV Party - Fodder for your next Gen X discussion
Mullets Galore - A site dedicated to ugly hair
Michigan Daily Online - Check out the dig on CdC!
Michigan Daily Online - The rebuttal!

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