Cashiers du Cinemart 9

"Contributors" - Folks Who Write For CdC
"Readers' Letters" - A Letter From Leon
"Teenage Rampage" - by Rich Osmond

"Panic In The Streets Of Birmingham" - Work Woes
"Star Wars: The Lost Cut" - Rare Footage Found!
"Star Wars: Behind The Magic" - CD-Rom Review
"Star Wars: Mos Eisley Multiplex" - SW Movies On The Web
"Star Wars: Memories" - Folks Reminisce About Their First Times
"Star Wars: MicroCineFest 98" - Festival Films
"MicroCineFest 98" - A Good Time In Baltimore!
"Jonesing For The New Indy Film" - Sequel Speculation & Rampant Rumour-mongering
"Tragically Obscure: John Paizs' Crimewave" - by Skizz Cyzyk
"H.T. Phone Home" - Henry Thomas Meets The Scaredy Cat Stalker
"The Return of the War Film" - by Mike Thompson
"Charlie's Angels: The Movie" - by Mike Thompson
"Zined!" - Kewl DIY Documentary

"Sex Wars" - Interstellar Porn
"The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back" - Turkish Star Wars
"The Conversation" - Coppola's Forgotten Masterpiece
"Contact" - Sexist Sci-Fi
"Truck Turner" - by David Walker
"Kurt & Courtney" - Over-hyped Hogwash
"Hackers" - Definition of a Guilty Pleasure
"Proof" - Early Russell Crowe
"Psycho Too" - Leave Perfect Enough Alone
"Chairman of the Board" - Dr. Evil's Plan Comes To Fruition
"The Ketchup & Mustard Man" - Movie Madness from The Billy Nayer Show

"Zine Reviews" - From Photocopies to Slicksters
"Web Conspiracies" - The Death of Online Mags
"Vanity Fair" - Fact-checking is Fun!
"What It Is…What It Was!" - Images From The 70's
"Two Faces of David Lynch" - Dual David Books
"The History of Pi" - Squaring the Circle

"Solving the Puzzle" - The Pi Soundtrack
"Severe Tire Damage" - R.C.H.S. vs TMBG
"Record Reviews" - Good Stuff

"Ren & Stevie" - An Armageddon Comic
"Nine Hundred Seven Memories" - by Frank McBain

"I Wanna Hold Your Hand/Detroit Rock City" - Teen Flix Old & New
"Are Those Two Fools At It Again?" - Frat House Controversy
"The Blair Witch Project/The Last Broadcast" - by Skizz Cyzyk

Cashiers du Cinemart #9 was one hell of a mess. A good mess but a mess still the same.

Employing a glossy cover and nice white bond innards, CdC is starting to look classy and getting some much-needed attention (hey, I was feeling lonely!). However, I didn't anticipate just how much attention that this ish was going to get.

Within a few weeks of getting my usual run of 1000 copies back from Small Publisher's Co-Op, I had two new offers on my plate for distribution. Their combined demand for issues along with those that I had already sent off to Desert Moon, to my half-dozen subscribers, and to the hundreds of companies I'm desperately trying to score advertising deals with (I gotta knock that shit out), far exceeded 1000 issues. Oh shit.

"The public must be served!" I thought and bit the bullet (and took it in the ass financially) and sunk another big chunk of money into a second press run. Yeowch! Hey, it's not all about the greenbacks but CdC #9 is the ish that made me decide that I gotta try to write some of this off on my taxes!

Branching out with Ubiquity Distributors and Tower Records, CdC can now be found everywhere from Japan to Israel and fun spots inbetween. No more sneaking issues into the Ann Arbor and East Lansing Tower Records and, someday, I might not sneak issues on to the shelves at Borders.

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