Cashiers du Cinemart 8

"Editorial" - Lots of butt-kissing
"Readers' Letters" - Note from a nut
"Teenage Rampage—The Column" - by Rich Osmond

"Comcast Sentinel" - The Final Issue
"Stop The Presses" - Yet Another Work Story
"And The Winners Areā€¦" - See Mr. T's Custom Van!
"The Cashiers du Cinemart Manifesto"
"A Few Notes On Black Shampoo" - by Leon Chase
"Can You Feel The Love?" - The Black Shampoo Viewing Guide
"Attention: Enemy" - Banned From The N.Y.U.F.F.!
"Enough With The Fooling!" - by Clifton Howard
"MicroCineFest Year One" - Baltimore's Underground Film Festival
"Scamdance" - by Skizz Cyzyk
"Making Mary Jane" - by Sarah Jacobson

"Mary Jane's Not A Virgin Anymore" - Sarah's Theatrical Masterpiece

"Record Reviews"

"Hey, Bubble Boy!" - From The TV Movie
"Stewie" - by Leon Chase

"The "New" Film Threat" - Floundering-Father of Film Zines
"Mr. Cyzyk Goes To Utah" - by Skizz Cyzyk

Cashiers du Cinemart #8 was a long time coming (took me over a year and a half to get it out. But that could be due to switching jobs three times, getting a divorce, and having my life generally turned upside down. The prospect of putting all of that aside and finishing CdC #8, while tempting, was an impossibility.

The turmoil can be felt in the pages of CdC #8 which doesn't exactly have the most even tone or best flow of all my issues - but it's still a winner.

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