Cashiers du Cinemart 7

"Editorial" - Confessions of a geek
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"Teenage Rampage—The Column" - by Rich Osmond
"Half-Assed" - Aborted Articles

"Contest du Cinemart" - Design Mr. T's Custom Van
"The Bill Bonds Tape" - Local Newscaster Goes Nutzoid
"Dude! That's Your Sister!" - Incest In George Lucas' Films
"Interview: Monte Hellman" - A CdC Favorite
"Interview: Jack Hill" - by Rich Osmond
"The Return of El Frenetico & Go-Girl" - by Pat Drummond
"Jerry Lewis Vs. Dolemite" - Two Masters of Comedy
"Pamphlet Publisher Treads Water" - An Ironic Press Release

"The Go-Go's Video" - Yes! It exists!
"Branded To Kill" - Wackiness Ensues
"1941: Special Edition" - Spielberg's Big Blunder
"Fantasy Mission Force" - by Robin Bougie
"Abba: The Movie" - A Hard Day's Watch

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"Black & White & Brutal" - Photographer Justice Howard's Video
"Another State of Mind" - Punx Not Dead

Cashiers du Cinemart #7 marks yet another advance for my zine. I saved my money and took the plunge into the world of off-set printing. Sure, I got a lot of complaints ("Newsprint makes my hands dirty!") but the look of the zine was beyond compare. I really looked like I knew what I was doing!

The results of my foray into this brave new world of publishing have been mixed. My bank account suffered greatly but my ego was boosted by the new look. Subscriptions didn't shoot through the roof and neither did ad sales. I'm almost contemplating going back to the old Xerox machine but the cost was worth not having to bother. I've got a few hundred left over so feel free to order one!

CdC #7 was very late. I even had some readers who wondered if I had bilked them out of their subscriptions. Nope. The problem came in a shift at work which moved me to days. Sure, work was easier, but the zine suffered. And, unfortunately, I still suffers. Gone are the days of the two-month wait. However, work is progressing on Issue #8 which I plan to be a tribute to my favorite film of all time, BLACK SHAMPOO. I'll have sneak previews of the ish soon somewhere on this site.

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