Cashiers du Cinemart 5

"Readers' Letters" - Leon Chase reflects on Jeremy Bullock

"Bruce Campbell: The Man Who Was Ash"
"Bruce Campbell: Our First Interview"
"Reprint from Whisper Lake Gazette"
"Least It's Not Snowing, Huh, Pal?" - Blockbuster Woes
"Word From The Great White North" - by Colin Geddes
"Why is Friends so popular?" - One Word; Nipples
"C-Ya MST3K" - Why Joel Beats Mike Hands Down

"Alice In Wonderland" - X-rated musical
"Road House" - Missing Genres

"Zine Reviews"

"Bjorn Again" - The ABBA cover group
"Record Reviews"

"Star Wars Cartoon"
"Things To Hate About Junior High" - by Leon Chase

Cashiers du Cinemart #5 was kind of a transitional issue for me. I was still cutting and pasting but I learned that I could take any image from any video tape I wanted courtesy of the ImMix Video Cube where I worked. I don't think my bosses had visions of me capturing just the moment where Bruce Campbell said "Groovy" in EVIL DEAD 2 in mind when they decided to go with a good real-time non-linear editor. However, that's what they would have found me doing during my late nights.

CdC#5 also marked my first real interview. Sure, I had asked Rudy Ray Moore a few questions for CdC#4, but Bruce Campbell was cool enough to do both an email and phone interview with me. I was amazed that anyone would take the time to do me such a huge favor. And, speaking of favors, my buddy Nathan Kane did me and CdC a huge favor by drawing the cover. The B& W Hula dancer found herself very welcome to me and my audience. And the most amazing thing was that Nathan didn't stop there, he's since gone on to design covers for CdC #6 & 7 and these he did in color! I only hope his work for Bongo Comix, Disney, Big Boy, et cetera, doesn't keep him away from providing everyone with incredible CdC cover art.

For the record, I didn't write one Anti-Tarantino article in this entire issue. The honor of talking about QT fell to the creator of Asian Eye, (the best Asian film zine I've ever seen) Colin Geddes, who wrote about his experiences at the 1995 Festival of Festivals in Toronto. This issue did mark a new era, however, it held the first in (at least) three articles about the Swedish wonder-group, ABBA!

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