Cashiers du Cinemart 4

"Readers' Letters"

"Sovineā€¦So Fine" - What Was Teddy Bear's Miracle?
"Miramax Strong-Arms Chicago Film Fest"
"Two Tickets For" - Precursor to "Theater Daze" (CdC #6)
"Shot In Detroit" - Locally Made Movies
"The Pot Tells The Kettle To Shut The Fuck Up!" - by Mike Thompson
"Kevin Bacon Revisted" - KB Revisted
"Starry Eyed" - by Patricio Vamos
"I Have A Boba Fettish" - Reflections on RETURN OF THE JEDI
"A Fine Day At Beat Box"
"An Evening With Dolomite"
"Girls & Guns Revisted"
"This Is Where We Piss You Off" - An attack on Godard
"Who The Fuck Is Jackie Chawn?"
"How It Came To This" - by Paul Kazee
"We Used To Have FUN In Detroit"

"Guilty Displeasures" - Yes, I dissed SHOAH
"Highlander 2" - by Mike Thompson
"Killer Party" - by Rich Osmond
"Certain Fury" - by Rich Osmond
"Night Of The Running Man" - by Rich Osmond
"Point Blank"
"Two Lane Blacktop"
"The Killers"
"Safe/Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story"
"Brainsmasher: A Love Story"
"Sonic Outlaws"


"The Exciting Sounds Of Leon"

"Insidious Christian Cartoon" - Reprinted w/o permission

Cashiers du Cinemart #4 was a mutha. A blue, blown-up, ass-bustin' for real zine. It was my first foray into the digest-size and it made my work look a lot better. Around this time I also got a real feel for the whole cutting and pasting thing as I discovered the best thing a zinester can own--a gluestick! CdC #4 was probably one of my most nostalgic, I dealt a lot with favorite topics from high school: Beat Box, Boba Fett, Dolemite, and Red Sovine.

If you can't tell by the number of articles listed above, this thing was quite weighty. It really put the copier at work to the test, but thank goodness for that Blockbuster postage meter, eh? It would take me almost an entire shift at Comcast to photocopy a hundred of these bad boys.

For some reason, this was my most unpopular cover. I don't know why. I had always wanted a cover like a box of popcorn, kind of like the cover of the bootleg GREAT ROCK & ROLL SWINDLE. The main artwork is by St. Louis artist and creator of the zine Electric Warhol, Greg Wyatt. The tickets were drawn by my wife, Carol, and the lettering was done by Andrew. The back cover was an ad for MEGAFORCE which went along with the motif of the issue; comic book ad art. I guess I ripped off a lot for this issue; all the ad art, comix from Fun and from a local Christian newspaper, an article about Rudy Ray Moore from Orbit, a fetish fantasy letter from Nugget, and I re-edited an editorial from Sassy to suit my own evil purposes.

As far as themes go, CdC#4 was very light on the Tarantino coverage, only dedicating three pages to the lantern-jawed director. CdC#4 also marked the start of my war against bad documentary films. I started with the grand-daddy of all bad doc's, SHOAH. I'm amazed I didn't get more response after tacking such a weighty film, but I'm sure there are very few people who don't sit through all ten hours and wonder, "Couldn't we have cut that down a little?"

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