Cashiers du Cinemart 3

"Readers' Letters"

"Tale of the Tape (Part Three)"
"Kiss My Ass" - Mike Thompson's critical backlash
"Unrated PVT Pull" - Secret Blockbuster Document

"Bad Boys"
"Die Hard 3"

"Blockbuster Video Guide"

"Photo Op" - by Paul Kazee
"The First Kiss" - by Leon Chase
"The Bus" - by Leon Chase

Cashiers du Cinemart #3 was the fastest issue I ever put out. As I stood on the subway platform with my buddy Shawn Wyman, during my first trip to New York, I commented, "This issue is practically writing itself." And it did. The entire issue revolves around my trip to the New York Underground Film Festival and the press' reaction to my video, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE FOOLING. The decision to include almost all of my press clippings bulked the issue up significantly and presented some interesting layout challenges and some good contrast between my own reactions and opinions to those presented by national newspapers and magazines. (I'm working on linking up to these news archives so you can check out all the stories but a lot of them haven't been on the web long enough.)

I found out recently that this was the issue that got me banned from any further NYUFF festivals, you can be sure I'll be writing about this for CdC#8.

The cover photo was doctored, of course. It's actually my friend Eric Litwin who's punching me out. My other buddy and co-worker, Andrew Haupt, worked a little magic with his pre-Photoshop computer. If only he could have made me thinner.

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