Cashiers du Cinemart 11

"Editorial" - A not so shaggy dog story
"Readers' Letters" - Responses to the Lone Wolf & Cub article
"Zines of the Airwaves: Rox" - by Terry Gilmer
"Teenage Rampage: Punk Rock Girls Pt 1" - by Rich Osmond

"MicroCineFest 99" - Third year, three times the fun
"Three and a Half Worlds of Parker" - The making and unmaking of an icon
"A Labor of Love" - by Miss Myrtle
"Who Owns The Airwaves" - A tale of Craig Baldwin
"Now It Can Be Told" - A cock-eyed story of cinema gone wrong
"Running Time" - by Andrew Rausch
"Madness In The 20th Century" - by Mike White
"Film Fests of the Great Lakes State" - by Mike White
"New York Underground Film Fest 1999" - by Mary Gillen & Brian Frye
"10 Questions for Svengoolie" - by Mike White
"Evil Roy Slade" - by David MacGregor
"The Chase Is On" - by Mike White
"The Gremlins that could have been" - by Chris Cummins
"I Was A Teenage Dominatrix" - by Mike White
"Getting in H*A*R*M's Way" - by Nathan Cherubino
"Is It Real? The Mike Z Story" - by Skizz Cyzyk

"Existo" - by Skizz Cyzyk
"Tesla: The Modern Prometheus" - A strange Eastern European biopic
"The Wild World of Hasil Adkins" - by Mike White
"New York Hard Core" - by Mike White
"A Night At Marchenfilm" - by Mike White
"The Target Shoots First" - by Mike White
"Doomed Planet" - by Mike White
"The Sleeper Must Awaken" - by Mike White
"Office Space" - by Leon Chase
"You've Got No Ideas!" - by Mike White
"Summer of Sam" - by Mike White

"Zine Reviews" - Including three great cinema mags
"Novel Ideas" - by Jesse Nelson
"What's The Frequency?" - by "The J Man"
"Book Reviews" - by Mike White

"Ain't The Best Good Enough For You?" - Cover album round-up
"Record Reviews" - Incl. Realaudio songs!

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